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NLNOG Mailman server

This is the Mailman server for NLNOG. It hosts the NLNOG@nlnog.net mailing list and its archives.

The NLNOG mailing list is READ-ONLY

Please note that the NLNOG list is a read-only list. If you are subscribed to the list, you will receive all posts to the list, but you are not allowed to post to it.

In order to be allowed to post, you have to be subscribed to NLNOG-post@nlnog.net as well (see below).

The NLNOG list is open to anyone, but the main language is Dutch, so if you are not fluent in this Terrestrial variation on Klingonese, don't bother to subscribe.

The NLNOG-POST mailing list

The NLNOG-post@nlnog.net mailing list is not for posting!. It is a purely a placeholder; membership to this list gives you the right to post to NLNOG@nlnog.net.

Unlike NLNOG, membership to this list is not open, but has to go through an approval process. The exact rules for this are not clear yet, but suffice to say that if you don't know what DFZ means, have never configured BGP flap dampening or modified routing policies in the RIPE database, you won't get in. Furthermore, the abuse of posting privileges will result in immediate revocation of said rights.

Please note:

Sounds logical, no? You'd be surprised how many people... (trails off, mumbling).


Raymond Dijkxhoorn presented the NLNOG BOFH with some interesting logos. They're somewhat more professional looking than the old logos (the result of a ten-minute session with Gimp).

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